How to help ward off winter weight gain

29 October 2015 | Healthy living

Add low-fat, warming and flavourful dishes to your winter recipe scrapbook.

In the cold winter months we're often drawn to rich, hearty comfort foods. But tasty and filling dishes don't have to be unhealthy. What’s even better is that you don't have to deny yourself those hearty stews and chunky casseroles, or tasty mash.

Introduce your 5 A DAY

If you choose well, not only can those dishes be full of flavour, but warming and nutritious too. For example, instead of mashed potato loaded with cream and butter, cut the calories and add to your 5 A DAY by mashing sweet potato or root veg like carrot, parsnip or swede, with a splash of skimmed milk and a scrape of reduced-fat spread. 

Choosing dishes based around wholegrains, pulses, vegetables and fruits will keep you feeling fuller for longer and less tempted to fill up on high-calorie snacks like crisps and biscuits.

And consuming fewer calories can help to keep your weight healthy and stop those pounds from creeping on. Keeping your weight as low as you can, within the healthy range, is one of the most important ways to reduce your risk of cancer.

Try our low calorie, healthy recipes

Why not swap some of your richer family favourites for one of our lower calorie meals, especially if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your recipe repertoire.

Our tried and tested dishes are approved by nutritionists and, believe it or not, they all contain less than 350 calories and 10g of fat. With one for each day of the working week, you can have a bowlful of healthy comfort food every evening if you like, but with zero guilt!

Provencal fish stew recipeProvençal fish stew

Fish is a great alternative to meat and paired with an assortment of bright and healthy vegetables, this stew is uncomplicated and delicious.


colcannon soup with soda breadColcannon soup with soda bread

Inspired by Ireland, this silky-smooth soup with crispy bread makes a perfect winter-warmer pairing.


Bean goulash with mustard mash recipeBean goulash with mustard mash

This combo of earthy mustard mash and smoky vegetable goulash is comfort food at its best.


Lemon spiced chicken casserole recipeLemon-spiced chicken casserole

If you’re looking for a dish both vibrant in colour and flavour - this is the one to try.


Easy beef casserole recipeEasy beef casserole

Face the winter chill with this healthy and hearty casserole.


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Sarah Drabble | 29 October 2015