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Whether we call it junk food, fast food, takeaways or ‘treats’, everyone in the UK eats food that is tasty but low in nutritional value
Plant-based food replicates the taste of nuggets, burgers & sausages using plants or fungus. They're increasingly popular – but are they any healthier?
Most pizza is ultra-processed – and we should eat less of this type of food. But if you make your own, it can be a much healthier choice and the possibilities are endless.
Exercise snacking is a new approach to physical activity, which focuses on short bursts a couple of times a day, rather than, say, going on a run or heading to the gym for an hour.
Whether you want to cut down on meat products to benefit the environment or you want to eat more plant foods for your health, your vegetarian and vegan choices could cut your cancer risk, too
With our recipes for children to enjoy eating and cooking, Eat Move Learn programme for families, and Family flavours cookbook, your children will love learning about food
If you rely on tomatoes and salad to get your 5 A DAY then the current shortage of fresh vegetables in UK shops could be a problem – but there are many healthy options still available
Even when you're struggling with the cost of living, our tips – and free cookbook – can help you enjoy a nutritious meal for less
Are you a health nut? Many people opt to snack on almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts, so we examine the health benefits
What wins your vote for Christmas vegetable?