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In a brief interaction, it can be difficult for health professionals to know whether the information given to people is having an impact.
Study on skin cancer finds patients who followed a Mediterranean diet more closely benefited most from treatment.
The Cancer Care Map, run by The Richard Dimbleby Cancer Fund, is a simple online directory that helps people find cancer support services in their local area.
For Sugar Awareness Week, we’re sharing 10 tips from nutritionists to help you avoid processed sugar at breakfast, and instead enjoy a healthy start to the day
After breast cancer treatment some women find that they have gained weight. We explore the causes and how health professionals can help.
Black African and Caribbean people have a higher risk of developing heart disease and some cancers. So why does health advice not include common African and Caribbean food?
With nearly half of pregnancies unplanned, the UK has decided to fortify flour with folic acid to reduce the risk of certain defects in babies
The National Food Strategy, commissioned by the UK government, recommends ways to shake up how food is produced and the kinds of diets most people eat
If you're ready to invite people over again, here are ideas for a new-look BBQ menu
The Eatwell Guide from Public Health England says a healthy diet should now include even more fruit, veg and fibre-rich starchy carbohydrates