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Raffaella Masselli, our Health Information Officer, shares why it’s so good for us to get moving and get outside – whatever the weather.
What is mindful eating? Our expert Raffaella Masselli explains how to eat mindfully, and what the 5 'Ss' of mindful eating are.
Raffaella Masselli's Christmas feast is a festive fusion, embracing the best of South African and Italian tastes.
Fruit pouches are easy to use and many have health claims on the packet. But are they as healthy as they claim, and how often should babies, toddlers and young children eat them?
There's nothing quite like a refreshing cold drink on a hot summer’s day. When the weather’s warm and your thirst kicks in, it's better to choose healthier options to keep hydrated.
Top ideas for delicious picnic food – no soggy sandwiches – plus a checklist of what to pack for the perfect day of al fresco family fun.
Whether we call it junk food, fast food, takeaways or ‘treats’, everyone in the UK eats food that is tasty but low in nutritional value
Plant-based food replicates the taste of nuggets, burgers & sausages using plants or fungus. They're increasingly popular – but are they any healthier?
With our recipes for children to enjoy eating and cooking, Eat Move Learn programme for families, and Family flavours cookbook, your children will love learning about food