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For many people, Christmas dinner is not complete without a side helping of brussels sprouts. But if you’re not a convert, perhaps these health benefits will convince you to give them a second chance.
From instant mash to flexitarians, food has changed massively since the 1980s. But we're not always eating more healthily, which is where our evidence on diet and cancer can make a difference.
Sleep is vital for a healthy life. But what are the risks if you can’t get a good night’s sleep? We look at the evidence and share top tips for sleeping well
In a brief interaction, it can be difficult for health professionals to know whether the information given to people is having an impact.
Study on skin cancer finds patients who followed a Mediterranean diet more closely benefited most from treatment.
As part of Cancer Prevention Action Week 2023, we’re encouraging people to eat less processed meat and choose something healthier. Ditch and switch!
Prof Clare Collins explains how what we eat can dramatically affect our mood, and reveals the many long- and short-term benefits of eating well
Did you know that around a third of mouth cancers are linked to an unhealthy diet? For Mouth Cancer Action Month, we explore all the causes
Fascinating insights into the new cancer incidence, mortality & survival data from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
New research in The Lancet quantifies cancer risk factors for countries around the world, across age, sex and over time