Helping you to cope with common side-effects of cancer and cancer treatment, advice on how to eat well during cancer, and your questions about cancer answered.

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Help with diet and exercise-related issues during cancer treatment

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Cancer and Nutrition Helpline

Our Oncology Specialist Dietitians are here to answer all of your questions

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Breast cancer survival

How risk of dying after a breast cancer diagnosis is affected by weight, diet and physical activity

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Cook through cancer

Free, online cookery classes for people affected by cancer

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Keeping active

The evidence behind physical activity when you’ve had a cancer diagnosis

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Advice, sharing stories from people and their experience of cancer, plus latest research

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Eat well during cancer

Recipes and lifestyle advice for while you’re going through treatment

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Common side-effects

Cancer treatment can cause unexpected changes in how your body reacts

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Help after diagnosis

Many organisations offer advice and support to people living with cancer, and their families

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