Healthy New You: Anticancer: A New Way of Life – review

Diana Mackie reads the Anticancer book

As part of our series reviewing media that could inspire your journey to better health in 2024, Diana Mackie reads Anticancer: A New Way of Life.

Anticancer: A New Way of Life book coverA cancer prevention classic, the topic hit the mainstream through the popularity of David Servan-Schreiber’s 2008 book Anticancer: A New Way of Life. Dr Servan-Schreiber, who was a clinical professor of psychology, went through a brain cancer diagnosis and treatment. He died in 2011.

A first-person popular-science account of changes we can all make to potentially avoid cancer – which has been rated highly online – it covers some of the main considerations of a cancer diagnosis. As well as this, it provides advice such as avoiding sugary food to prevent a spike in insulin, and other suggestions, much of which tie in to World Cancer Research Fund’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

I was slightly daunted by the section on using mobile phones, which prompted me to re-check our guidance around use of mobiles and cancer risk. The book suggests that there is an association with brain cancers and mobile usage. It also notes that there is insufficient evidence (or was in 2008) to link the use of mobile phones with an increased risk of cancer and other health problems.

I found this a hopeful and friendly guide to changes we can all make to lower our risk which I could see myself passing on to friends and family. It can be read in a few sittings with relatable chapters including anti-cancer environment, anti-cancer foods and the effect of cancer on your mind.