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From instant mash to flexitarians, food has changed massively since the 1980s. But we're not always eating more healthily, which is where our evidence on diet and cancer can make a difference.
Misleading information on the clear harm alcohol does has led many people to underestimate its dangers.
Evidence shows that children living with overweight and obesity now risk serious life-limiting and life-threatening health problems later in life. What’s being done?
Just 6 cancer types are responsible for almost half of cancer deaths in the UK. So why do they get less research funding?
Despite what industry adverts want you to think, alcohol spreads more harm than happiness
June 2023: The UK government has delayed legislation to ban junk food multi-buy deals until October 2025. What will the impact of this delay be and why is it so important?
Almost 17,000 new cancer cases in the UK were linked to alcohol in 2020 – that’s around 46 new diagnoses every day.
The National Food Strategy, commissioned by the UK government, recommends ways to shake up how food is produced and the kinds of diets most people eat
The Eatwell Guide from Public Health England says a healthy diet should now include even more fruit, veg and fibre-rich starchy carbohydrates
What influences the food we eat and how much exercise we do?