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New factsheet

Get excited about moving more with your FREE copy of our latest factsheet on physical activity and cancer

The facts about being active

Alcohol and cancer

Free factsheet with all you need to know about alcohol and cancer

The facts about alcohol

5 simple steps to a healthier you

Practical tips that can help to reduce your risk of cancer and other preventable diseases

Take the first step

Could you live a more active life?

Our physical activity guide is for anyone wanting to be more active in their daily lives

Step it up

Weight matters for all

A guide for anyone wanting to lose weight or simply stop the pounds from creeping on

Putting you in charge

Health guide – just for men

Find out how men can be healthier and make common cancers less likely

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Health guide – just for women

Behaviour & environment are linked to cancers – but you can reduce your risk

Be informed

Protect yourself against cancer

Our popular guide to reducing your cancer risk dispels the myths and gives you the facts

Find out the 10 ways

Bowel cancer and how to prevent it

A common cancer in men and women – but one of the most preventable

A clear guide for you

Facts about fibre

Do you know how much fibre to eat each day? Find out how to fibre-charge your diet

Get the facts

Facts about processed meat

Ham fan? It’s time to learn the risks and find out about changes you could make

Get the facts

Know your portion sizes

A snazzy poster to help you keep on track with how much you’re eating

What is a healthy portion size?

What is a 5 A DAY portion?

A bright and colourful poster with info on how much fruit, veg and pulses to eat each day

Pear-fect choice

Making sense of food labels

How healthy is the food you buy? Use this guide to fill your trolley with goodness

Guide to labels

How to eat well during cancer

If you’re going through treatment, we can help with what to eat and coping with side-effects

Resources to help you

Healthy living after cancer

Helping people post-cancer keep healthy and reduce the chance of recurrence

Latest evidence and advice

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