Healthy New You: Zoe Health podcast – review

Rob Mansfield

As part of our series reviewing media that could inspire your journey to better health in 2024, Rob Mansfield listens to the Zoe Health podcast.

What is Zoe?

Zoe Health is a company – co-founded by Professor Tim Spector – that runs large-scale scientific nutrition research and uses it to run a personalised nutrition programme.

But isn’t it a podcast?

Zoe Health podcast

You don’t need to spend money on the programme itself to benefit from their findings. The company’s CEO, Jonathan Wolf, hosts a podcast in which he talks to some of the world’s top scientists about the latest health, nutrition and gut health research.

Is it any good?

In a word, yes. Although he’s at the head of the company, it’s clear that Wolf isn’t a scientist and has gone on his own journey, in terms of learning about his own health and how what he eats (as well as other habits) affects it.

The podcast is presented in an accessible way, making the science easy to understand and giving you clear tips you can make use of to help you manage your weight and health. Plus, Wolf does a great summary at the end of every episode.

Any particularly good episodes?

A non-nutrition conversation with Ellen Langer, in which she explains how you can slow down your ageing with your mind, stands out.

There’s also a great shorter one about how everything you thought you knew about calories is wrong!

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