George McCann with his father in front of a McCann's fruit stand

We know that Father’s Day can be difficult for many people who have sadly lost their dad – and this year many more of us will be unable to see our dad due to COVID-19, as people are still practising physical distancing and shielding. So we want to help people celebrate by paying homage to all dads! All you have to do is share an old photo and memory of you and your dad on social media using the hashtag #DearDad – don’t forget to tag WCRF InstagramFacebook or Twitter. Below are memories from our staff and supporters; we would love to see yours as well.

Maxine Lenza, Senior Press and Communications Officer at WCRF: “This picture of me and my Dad was taken in 1996 in Tuscany, Italy – I was three so I don’t really remember it! But growing up we spent a lot of time in Italy visiting family, and my favourite memory with my Dad is during this time. We would have to eat dinner outside when it was dark as it would be too hot otherwise (no one had air conditioning back then!) and there would always be lots of food and music (always an accordion) and I would dance on my Dad’s feet.”

Maxine with her father

Laura Goodbourn, WCRF supporter, whose Dad sadly died from cancer before she ran the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon in his honour: “I have so many wonderful memories of my Dad. I would choose summertimes as a child. We would spend all our time outside, playing catch in the garden with him, going on walks and bike rides. And the weather always seemed so lovely.”

Laura with her father at her wedding

George McCann, WCRF Digital Fundraising Officer: “This was the first family holiday that I can really remember. We went to New York and my Dad showed us where he used to live and work – we visited a fruit stand aptly named McCann’s where my dad would always buy his veg. We rounded off the holiday with a trip to Disney Land Florida! I was young but I think this trip will always be my favourite.”

George McCann with his father in front of a McCann's fruit stand

  • You can also celebrate your Dad by donating to WCRF to help us continue our vital cancer prevention and survival work that can help keep more families together for longer.