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As part of our series reviewing media that could inspire your journey to better health in 2024, Mélanie Marks Purnode tries out the Yuka app.
Fruit pouches are easy to use and many have health claims on the packet. But are they as healthy as they claim, and how often should babies, toddlers and young children eat them?
Ever heard of a bao bun, or wondered what one is? Mélanie delves into its origins, tries to make them and explores different delicious fillings.
Most pizza is ultra-processed – and we should eat less of this type of food. But if you make your own, it can be a much healthier choice and the possibilities are endless.
If you rely on tomatoes and salad to get your 5 A DAY then the current shortage of fresh vegetables in UK shops could be a problem – but there are many healthy options still available
Despite what industry adverts want you to think, alcohol spreads more harm than happiness