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Health professionals year in review

Our Research and Health Information teams support a wide range of health professionals in sharing our cancer prevention message. Find out more about this area of our work.

This past year has been challenging for many, but it hasn’t stopped World Cancer Research Fund from being as impactful as possible through our work with health professionals, from nurses, doctors and oncologists to nutritionists and dietitians.

We’ve continued to produce inspiring new health resources, provided more training to health professionals, and continued our mission of disseminating our research findings to as many people as possible so that more of us can live a life free from cancer.

  • Our Health Information team exhibited at the Primary Care and Public Health Conference in May, where we had the opportunity to talk to many health professionals about the work we do at World Cancer Research Fund, and the support and training we offer health professionals. Thank you to those who joined our health professional network and thank you for spreading our cancer prevention messages to help reduce the burden of cancer.
  • We relaunched our popular Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) cancer prevention workshop for health professionals. Over 100 health professionals around the UK attended the sessions and more than 100 new health professionals joined our network this year.
  • We published 4 Informed newsletters – containing the latest research on cancer prevention and survival, expert analysis and news about World Cancer Research Fund’s work. Health professionals can sign up here to receive a free copy.
  • We’ve written a guest blog in collaboration with the RSPH on alcohol and the risk of cancer. You can read it here.
  • We’ve also written a blog for MyNutriWeb where we explore the evidence on plant-based diets and how this affects bowel cancer risk. You can read it here.
  • In partnership with the British Dietetic Association Oncology Specialist Group and the National Institute for Health and Care Research Cancer & Nutrition Collaboration, we launched a one-stop hub of FAQs on diet and lifestyle to support people living with and beyond cancer.


Melissa Mogor receives her British Nutrition Foundation award
Melissa Mogor receives her British Nutrition Foundation award.