5 tasty but healthy swaps for your Saturday night takeaway

Rice and sweet and sour chicken dishes

Satisfy your takeaway cravings with these tasty and nutritionist-approved favourites.

Most of us know that regularly eating fatty foods can lead to weight gain. However, not everyone is aware that being overweight or obese is now strongly linked to an increased risk of 12 different cancers.

So for many of us, it could be time to ditch the creamy kormas, topping-laden pizzas and fried chicken and fish and opt for healthier but no less tasty versions of the takeaway classics.

Quick cuisine

In the time it takes for the takeaway delivery bike to arrive, you can easily rustle up a delicious and healthy version of one of your favourites. Not only are these dishes packed with flavour but they contain less salt and fat than a takeaway and are all less than 500 calories. Here are five, nutritionist-approved recipes to try:

1. Chinese

Sweet and sour chickenSweet and sour chicken
Try this healthier version of everyone’s favourite Chinese takeaway, packed with with tangy pineapple and succulent chicken pieces.


2. Indian

Gobi AlooGobi Aloo
This popular Indian dish completely transforms the humble cauliflower with its warming, earthy flavours.


3. British

Fish and chipsFish and chips
Enjoy making this healthier much-loved British classic at home. Puree your peas with some fresh mint for a traditional treat.


4. Mexican

Vegetarian fajitasVegetable fajitas
Little parcels loaded up with exciting Mexican-inspired flavours – fun to prepare and a joy to eat!


5. Thai

Fragrant thai chickenFragrant thai chicken with brown rice
Featuring all the flavours of a traditional Thai meal – lemongrass, lime and coriander – but with a lot less fat than the takeaway version.