Simple BBQ tips for hosting family and friends

People enjoying eating outside

Rachel ClarkRachel Clark is Health Promotion Manager at World Cancer Research Fund

As the weather improves and we’re allowed to meet more people indoors and outdoors, BBQs and parties will be more popular than ever this summer!

BBQs can typically focus on red meat and alcohol so here are my top tips for having a healthier BBQ:

  • Choose leaner cuts of meat.
  • Reduce the amount of red meat you consume. Choose chicken, fish, tofu and vegetables.
  • Experiment with marinades to lift the flavour.
  • Burger fans – try making burgers from 50% minced beef and 50% pulsed red kidney beans or try our chicken and chickpea burgers recipe. There are loads of great veggie burger options to try too. Stack burgers with slices of avocado, grilled peppers, tomato and lettuce leaves.
  • Try chicken, prawns, cod, monkfish, vegetables, and tofu on kebabs. Marinades and dips can boost the flavour.
  • Serve salads, new potatoes, lighter coleslaws, corn on the cobs, wholemeal pasta and couscous as side dishes.
  • Provide non-alcoholic drink options and avoid sugary soft drinks. Have a jug of water full of ice and lemon wedges available or try making our berry sparkle!

Any other hosting tips for having people round?

Roasted red pepper humous

  • Stock up on healthier snacks to offer guests. Unsalted nuts, dried fruit, bread sticks, crudites and unsalted popcorn all make great options. Try our roasted red pepper houmous for dipping.
  • Make healthier bakes to offer guests with tea or coffee instead of biscuits or cake. Try our banana and date muffins. Have a selection of herbal teas available and provide a jug of water with ice and slices of cucumber for refreshment.
  • Have alcohol-free drink options available to offer guests. You might be surprised how many people want to try an alcohol-free beer!

Don’t forget the kids!

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