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Matt Lambert, WCRF nutritionist, gives advice on a healthy vegan diet for Veganuary
Sales of alcohol-free or lower alcohol drinks continue to rise, with low-alcohol beers proving especially popular. But are they a healthy alternative? We asked Matt Lambert, nutritionist at World Cancer Research Fund, for the lowdown.
Should we take vitamins or are we doing more harm than good? Health expert Matt Lambert looks at the evidence for adding pills to your diet and whether supplements affect your risk of cancer.
By eating and drinking mindfully, making use of the free time to be more active, and replenishing your body through sleep, you could come back from holiday as a healthier you.
Exercise snacking is a new approach to physical activity, which focuses on short bursts a couple of times a day, rather than, say, going on a run or heading to the gym for an hour.
Even when you're struggling with the cost of living, our tips – and free cookbook – can help you enjoy a nutritious meal for less
Are you a health nut? Many people opt to snack on almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts, so we examine the health benefits
Have you ever tried to lose weight? Have you ever been tempted to try a fad diet that promises rapid weight loss – often without much effort from you?
Men have to stop ignoring medical symptoms – early intervention can save lives
Exercise shouldn't be a scary word for older adults. It can make us stronger, more independent AND help to reduce cancer risk