Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) guidance

Person washing hands

As a cancer prevention charity, we recognise that preventative measures for a disease are very important – and now that there’s a vaccine we feel it’s important that we all take the adequate steps in ensuring we stay protected.

We would like to acknowledge that we’re not coronavirus (COVID-19) experts. However, we want to share with you reliable sources that provide in-depth information on what steps we should all be taking to protect ourselves and others from the virus.

Where to find reliable information

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading organisation that governments are turning to for advice on COVID-19. Take a look at the WHO website, which outlines the protective measures we should all be taking.

The NHS website has an overview of the virus and advice for travellers, and answers common questions.

Public Health England (PHE) has addressed what you should do if you’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, as well as what to do if you suspect you have the virus. It also has useful blogs such as What is self-isolation and why is it important.

Fake news and searching online about COVID-19

It’s often easy to be swayed by fake news so please do make sure that you follow reliable information when searching for news or advice online. For up-to-date information, follow the organisations above on Twitter: @WHO@PHE_UK@NHSEngland.

Wash your hands!

For an alternative to singing Happy Birthday when washing your hands for 20 seconds, take a look at our video: