Cancer Prevention Action Week 2024

Cancer Prevention Action Week takes place in February every year and is your chance to make a healthy choice become a habit!

Cancer Prevention Action Week 2024 takes place on 19–25 February – and you’re invited to take part! This is our annual campaign focusing on ways you can make a difference and reduce your cancer risk, as well as helping your friends and family too.

Make Your Move

This February you can look forward to surprising, new and unexpected ways to be more active in your daily life. Whatever you do now, you’ll be doing more by the end of February if you take part!

Are their moments in your day when you could move more – even when you’re doing something else? Stretches while you’re waiting for the bus or queuing for a coffee. Dancing in the kitchen while you cook. Bicep curls with a can of beans while watching TV. Whatever you’ll find that suits you, get ready to turn your downtime into moving on up time.

In February you can look forward to:

  • Blogs from experts and real-life stories on moving more
  • Exciting ways to explore the science on the many benefits of staying active
  • Competitions, challenges, quizzes and more

Stay in touch

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Until then …

Don’t wait until February to start being more active. Be inspired to move more – today!