The Kensington and Chelsea Chamber of Commerce holds ‘Make Your Move’ event at Everyone Active for Cancer Prevention Active Week

The Kensington and Chelsea Chamber of Commerce is holding a networking event, ‘Make Your Move’, on 21 February 3.30–5.30pm, at Everyone Active, Westway, in support of World Cancer Research Fund’s Cancer Prevention Action Week.

This year’s Cancer Prevention Action Week campaign, Make Your Move, is focussed on getting people to do short bursts of activity, also known as exercise snacking*, throughout their day during spare moments they might have. These could include doing squats while waiting for the kettle to boil or dancing while cooking. It’s all about supporting people to get more active throughout their day to create long-term habits. Whether people do a little or a lot of activity on a regular basis, ‘Make Your Move’ is for everyone.

The ‘Make Your Move’ event will consist of participants getting involved in various fun activities such as table tennis and climbing, as well as being able to enjoy smoothies and healthy snacks. The first 30 guests through the door will also take home a goodie bag. Tickets are available to purchase online.

Being physically active** can help reduce the risk of breast, colon and endometrial cancers, and emerging evidence shows that just 3.5 minutes per day of vigorous activity like stair climbing can reduce overall cancer risk by 17–18%, compared to not doing any vigorous activity1. There is also strong evidence that aerobic physical activity, including walking, can help you maintain a healthy weight. We know that living with overweight or obesity is linked to at least 13 different cancers.

Sarah-Jane Hill, Fundraising Partnerships Manager at World Cancer Research Fund, said:

We’re so excited to be joining forces with the Chamber of Commerce and Everyone Active and fostering these collaborative partnerships, to help spread important messages about cancer prevention. ‘Make Your Move’ is all about helping people to get more active, which is one way that you can reduce your risk of up to three cancers.

Ian Ling, Contract Manager at Everyone Active, Westway, said:

We’re proud to be hosting this event at Westway Sports and Fitness Centre partnering with World Cancer Research Fund. This collaboration allows us to share the message of how exercise and activity can be so beneficial for cancer prevention. We look forward to a fun and active afternoon, welcoming members of the chamber and its partners, to have a great time networking and socialising whilst being active in the range of activities on offer. What could be better – being active, socialising and raising awareness of this fantastic charity!

A spokesperson from The Kensington and Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, said:

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with World Cancer Research Fund and Everyone Active as co-hosts of the upcoming ‘Make Your Move’ event. This exciting partnership aims to bring together our community in support of such a meaningful cause.

‘Make Your Move’ signifies not only physical activity but also a collective effort to make a positive impact. As advocates for well-being and community engagement, the collaboration between Everyone Active, and WCRF is a testament to their commitment to fostering a healthier and more connected community. The event promises to be a celebration of unity, wellness, and the spirit of giving back, making it a cause worth supporting and participating in.


For more information and media enquiries contact: the World Cancer Research Fund press office at

Notes to editors

Cancer Prevention Action Week 2024
Cancer Prevention Action Week takes place on 19-25 February 2024. This is World Cancer Research Fund’s annual campaign and this year’s theme is to #MakeYourMove by identifying downtime moments when you can do short bursts of activity.

More information on Cancer Prevention Action Week can be found here:

About World Cancer Research Fund

World Cancer Research Fund examines how diet, nutrition, body weight and physical activity affect your risk of developing and surviving cancer. As part of an international network of charities, we have been funding life-saving research, influencing global public health policy, and educating the public since 1982.

While society continues searching for a cure, our prevention and survival work is helping people live longer, happier, healthier lives – free from the devastating effects of cancer. and X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn.

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About Everyone Active, Westway

Westway Sports & Fitness Centre is nestled underneath the iconic Westway Flyover, hosting award winning facilities, it is a real activity hub for the community and members. With 7 indoor and 2 outdoor LTA accredited tennis courts, 8 floodlit 3G football pitches, state-of-the-art gym, Futsal arena, cricket lanes, and the largest climbing facility in London, Westway Sports & Fitness Centre has something for everyone.’

About The Kensington and Chelsea Chamber of Commerce

The Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Chamber of Commerce promotes and supports both locally based businesses and organisations and those working within the boroughs through networking events and representation at local Retail Forums and other London events.

Our members are a wide range of businesses, charities and other organisations varied in both size and speciality. Networking within the chamber offers real business leads and opportunities along with access to MPs and local councillors.

*About exercise snacking

Exercise snacking is a relatively new approach to physical activity, which focuses on short bursts of activity at least a couple of times a day, rather than say going on a run or heading to the gym for an hour. In our increasingly busy lives, exercise snacking – which can be done at home, at work or in a public space like a park – is a convenient, and time-saving way to be more active. These bursts include power walking, climbing the stairs, carrying heavy shopping, and vigorous housework.

**About physical activity

Being physically active can help to improve cardiovascular health by helping to prevent and manage heart disease, stroke and cancer. It can also help manage hypertension (high blood pressure) and lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, physical activity has mental health benefits as it can help reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. Physical activity can help people’s brains stay healthy, for example it can improve cognitive functioning such as being able to remember things and can also reduce the risk of dementia. Not only this, but it can also increase our self-esteem and confidence as well as make us feel good.


1.    Stamatakis E, Ahmadi MN, Friedenreich CM, et al. Vigorous Intermittent Lifestyle Physical Activity and Cancer Incidence Among Nonexercising Adults: The UK Biobank Accelerometry Study. JAMA Oncol.2023;9(9):1255–1259. doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2023.1830