Our values and core beliefs

In a world dominated by funding for cancer treatments and cures, since 1982 we’ve relentlessly promoted the importance of prevention and cancer survival.

To continue that work, we’ve developed a set of values and core beliefs that drive everything we do.

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Evidence based

We are a global authority on preventing cancer. We’re continuously learning and evaluating, so that we can deliver excellent outcomes.


Everyone counts – we value, respect and trust each other.


We are collaborative, engaged and focused on maximising impact in all that we do.


We are curious and creative; evolving and exploring so we can deliver solutions that make a real difference.


We make every day meaningful, building and sharing our knowledge and allowing our passion to shine through.


  • We believe that too many people are dying every year from preventable cancers. And the problem’s only getting worse.
  • We believe that everyone can take steps to reduce their risk of developing cancer – or to increase their chances of surviving – by improving their diet and exercising.
  • We believe that funding research and influencing international policy are crucial to keeping people healthy and helping them to prevent and survive disease.
  • We believe in educating the public about their cancer risk, so they can be empowered to make evidence-informed decisions about their health.
  • We believe that cancer prevention is underfunded. To move forward, we must help society to recognise that prevention is better than cure.

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