Living an active life

This guide is for anyone wanting to get more active in their daily lives.

Living an active lifeKeeping physically active can have a big impact on our health – physically and mentally. It can have an immediate impact on our health and, importantly, if we keep doing it, it helps protect it for the future. It can also help reduce our risk of developing certain cancers. However, current levels of physical activity are insufficient for optimal health.

Nowadays getting active can be harder, especially with more of us doing a sedentary job. This can mean we end up sitting a lot more than is good for our health. In fact, on average we sit for around 12 hours a day! Where possible, we should all try to minimise the amount of time we spend sedentary and sat down for.

There are lots of positive things you can do to combat this. This guide is packed full of practical tips and advice to help you move more and fit more activity into your day.

It looks at the benefits of doing different types of activities on our health and the importance of keeping active throughout our life. It also provides you with several exercises you can try – all from the comfort of your home.

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Physical activity factsheetFree physical activity factsheet

We also offer a free factsheet with all you need to know about keeping active and practical tips to help you get more active in your everyday life.

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