Amanda Cross

Amanda CrossAmanda is excited to be enhancing our knowledge of a major killer disease.

How did you get into cancer research?

When I was doing my undergraduate degree, there were many dissertation projects to choose from but only one cancer project. I found the possibility of doing research that could really make a difference to people’s lives, by contributing to knowledge about one of the largest causes of death in the western world, very exciting.

Do you wear a lab coat? And if no, why not?

No, not any more. During my PhD I did a lot of lab work on samples from small, highly controlled, intervention studies. But I now lead very large epidemiological studies and any lab work we need doing is done by specialist labs.

What part of your research career are you most proud of?

Being able to do research that makes a difference to patients’ lives by informing cancer prevention and early detection strategies.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A vet. I went and did work experience with several vets and, as a real animal lover, I spent too much time in tears as a result of animals dying or seeing those that had been mistreated. So I decided I probably wasn’t tough enough for that route!

Did you ever set fire to anything in science lessons at school?

No, fortunately not!

Thank you from Amanda

Amanda CrossI’m a Professor in Cancer Epidemiology at Imperial College London and through my previous work on the Research Grants Panel, I helped World Cancer Research Fund decide which grants to fund from the many applications we receive.

Through your donations, World Cancer Research Fund has funded millions of pounds of research into how to prevent cancer. Thank you.