Meet our researchers

Many of our researchers are epidemiologists, who look at data from large groups of people to identify patterns in what causes and protects against cancer. Find out what inspires them, and how they got into cancer research.

Clare Collins

Watch our interview with Prof Clare Collins, an expert in food and nutrition

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Alina Vrieling

Alina is a bladder cancer Assistant Prof and passionate about our health

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Research updates

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Helen Coleman

A cancer professor – but does she ever have to wear a lab coat?

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Amanda Cross

Find out why Amanda chose a career in cancer science over being a vet

Amanda's journey

Ed Giovannucci

Ed reveals why he stays clear of the lab – and the kitchen at home

Straight out of Harvard

Inarie Jacobs

Inarie, a student in breast cancer, is one of our Academy Fellows

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Richard Martin

Prostate cancer expert Richard shares what he’s most proud of

Richard's story

Ruth Travis

Roaming Britain: what did Ruth discover in an ancient hillfort?

Our cycling doctor

Brigid Lynch

What happened to Brigid’s childhood dream of becoming a large-animal veterinarian?

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Andrew Renahan

Learn about Andrew’s work on obesity and bowel and womb cancer

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Kostas Tsilidis

From a degree in nursing to an exciting aetiological study in Greece

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