About our research into cancer prevention and survival

Research is how we get closer to beating cancer.

We want to live in a world where no one develops a preventable cancer. To achieve this, World Cancer Research Fund investigates how to prevent and survive cancer through diet, nutrition and physical activity.

Since starting our grant programme in 1991, we have funded more than 150 research grants, spending more than £120m, and we choose around 10 more to fund each year.

The research that WE are doing and YOU are funding has a real impact on preventing cancer and improving the lives of cancer survivors.

Dr Giota Mitrou“I’m proud to head the research team at World Cancer Research Fund, and I’m confident that the projects we fund will really enhance our knowledge of how to prevent and survive cancer, and enable our scientists to do their life-saving work” Dr Panagiota Mitrou, Director of Research

We know that it’s so much cheaper to prevent cancer than to treat it. Cancer costs the NHS over £5bn annually, and the personal cost is far greater.

Our research focuses on the best ways to prevent cancer and we share that information to enable everyone to make informed choices about reducing their risk.

Mazda JenabWCRF’s courage in supporting innovative, high-level research will result in more effective public health policies and measures for cancer prevention and control Dr Mazda Jenab, World Cancer Research Fund grant holder

We fund research from anywhere in the world except the Americas (which has its own programme) and we receive no funding from any government for this research.

Our research infographic