Our Continuous Update Project

Our Continuous Update Project (CUP) is an analysis of global scientific research into the links between diet, physical activity, weight and cancer

Among experts worldwide it is a trusted, authoritative scientific resource, which underpins current guidelines and policy for cancer prevention. 

World Cancer Research Fund developed the CUP to build on the work of our Expert Reports, which established our Recommendations for Cancer Prevention.

The CUP is based on a live system of data managed by a team of WCRF-funded researchers at Imperial College London, who collate and analyse individual research studies from around the world.

An Expert Panel of the world’s leading scientists then reviews the findings and evaluates the evidence. They use their conclusions to develop the best cancer prevention advice and make further Recommendations for Cancer Prevention, which we then communicate to the public, health professionals and key organisations.

This vital work means we continuously monitor cancer prevention research and regularly review our advice so you can be assured that our guidance is trustworthy.

The Third Expert Report was published in May 2018 and summarises the current scientific knowledge about cancer prevention through diet, weight and physical activity. This bank of scientific research is crucial to improving the world's knowledge about preventable cancers, and is accessible to the general public, scientists, clinicians and health professionals from around the world. 

The future of the CUP

We aim to use the CUP to help support a reduction in preventable cancers and other diseases. It supports the World Health Organization’s global target to reduce premature deaths from Non-Communicable Diseases by 25 per cent by 2025.

Newly published studies will continue to be added to the CUP database and reviewed to ensure the Cancer Prevention Recommendations are based on the latest evidence.