Safe cooking for children

A checklist for before you start cooking.

Mixer from the Eat Move Learn team cooks safely with his mum
The most important thing is to ask an adult before you start cooking so that they know what you’re doing and can help you if needed.

Before you start

Tie long hair back.
Take off any bracelets, rings or long necklaces.
Wear an apron if you have one.
Make sure your work surface is clean.
Roll up those sleeves!
Wash your hands with soap. Remember – wash your hands again every time you touch your face, cough, sneeze, after touching raw meat or fish, touching the bin or going to the toilet.

Download our Safety in the kitchen poster

When you’re cooking

  • Ask an adult before using any electrical equipment so that they can help you use it correctly.
  • Be careful with knives. Ask an adult to help you choose a knife or get them to chop the food. Don’t walk around carrying a knife.
  • Ask an adult to turn the oven or hob on when you need to use it. Take care to push the handles of any pans back so that they’re not sticking out and you don’t knock them off.
  • Never open an oven without an adult. Ask them to put food into the oven and to take it out.
  • Remember to wash fruit and vegetables if they are not going to be peeled so that you know they are clean and safe to eat.
  • Make sure you use separate chopping boards for meat, fish and vegetables to avoid spreading germs.

Now you’re ready to get cooking!

Download our Safety in the kitchen poster

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