Go on a scavenger hunt

A fun treasure hunt game to play at home or parties.

The Eat Move Learn team go on a scavenger huntScavenger hunts are so much fun – especially if there’s a prize for the winner at the end… The aim is to race against other players to find all of the items as quickly as possible!

You can play this in the park or in your garden – you could even try and find everything inside!

Step 1

Before you start, each player needs a copy of the scavenger hunt chart with the list of items to find. Here is one you can use:

> Pedal’s scavenger hunt chart

There are a few different ways to play: you can collect the items as you go or you could draw them if you’d prefer.

Step 2

Choose an area where your scavenger hunt will take place.

Mark a starting point, for example a tree would be perfect.

Step 3

Decide how much time you’re going to have. The shorter the time, the trickier it’ll be! Set a timer and you’re ready.

At the signal, off you go!

Step 4

Every time a player finds an item from the list, they need to tick it off the list, attach it to their chart and move on to find the next one. If you are drawing your items, you can do that instead.

Step 5

Once a player has found everything on the chart, the game is over and they’re the winner. They need to run back to the starting point and call out that they’ve won!

Next time why not create your own scavenger hunt chart?

Is it raining? Don’t worry – you can scavenge indoors or try my ideas for wet days too!

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