Grow your own herb garden

Many herbs will grow happily in a garden or a windowbox. Here’s how!

Flower from the Eat Move Learn team waters her herb garden

Herbs are fantastic for flavouring all sorts of dishes. But you don’t have to pop to the shops to buy them. Grow your own!

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Getting ready

Ask an adult to help you get these things:

  • compost
  • pebbles
  • trowel
  • large flowerpot
  • watering can
  • herb plants such as mint, basil, parsley or coriander

Step 1

First, spoon some pebbles into the bottom of your flowerpot. This will help make sure that the compost doesn’t wash away when you water the plants. They won’t be able to grow if this happens!

Step 2

Next put in some compost to fill up about three-quarters of the pot. The compost will give the herb plants the nutrients they need to grow.

Step 3

Now you need to carefully remove the herbs from their original pots and plant them into their new one. Make sure you put the biggest plant in the middle of the compost.

Step 4

When you have planted the herbs, push the compost down around them so that it’s tightly packed together. Add some more compost if you need to.

Step 5

Keep the herb garden inside during the winter, making sure it has plenty of light. Remember to water your herbs regularly.

Did you know that mosquitoes do not like basil? Rub the juice of basil leaves on your skin to keep mosquitoes away!

You can paint pictures or patterns on the pot to brighten up your herb garden!

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