Healthy children’s sandwich ideas

Whether you’re helping to make a packed lunch for school, a picnic for your family or getting creative for a birthday party, our sandwich fillings are sure to be popular.

Lots of people like to eat sandwiches. They’re tasty, easy to put in a lunchbox or take out with you, and you can add so many different fillings!

Our scientists have discovered that eating too much of a certain type of meat – called processed meat, because of how it’s made – is not good for our health.

Rather than filling your sandwiches with ham, bacon, salami or sausages, try one of our new sandwich recipes! They look great and taste even better.

For grown-ups

Check out our blog on healthy ideas for school lunchboxes.

Monster crunch children's sandwich recipe

Peter pig children's sandwich recipe

Hungry house children's sandwich recipe

Flower power children's sandwich recipe

Crunchy crab children's sandwich recipe

Fish food children's sandwich recipe

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