How to grow radishes at home

Growing radishes indoors from seeds is great fun. And soon you’ll have a bright and crunchy vegetable to add to your salad!

Flower from the Eat Move Learn team holds up radishesRadishes are peppery, pink and crisp. Simply slice, and add them to salads to add colour and also healthy vitamins and minerals.

They’re a great vegetable to plant at home as they grow quickly. Radishes are also one of the earliest vegetables you can sow in the spring as they prefer cooler weather. They can also be planted in the autumn.

Radishes like to grow in moist soil: not too dry but not too wet either. They like about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day so make sure to find them a nice sunny spot indoors.

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Getting ready

Ask an adult to help you find these things:

  • Pebbles
  • Compost
  • Large flowerpot
  • Watering can
  • Radish seeds
  • Garden gloves

Ready to start growing?

Step 1

Spoon some pebbles into the bottom of your flowerpot. This will help make sure that the compost doesn’t wash away when you water the plants. They won’t be able to grow if this happens!

Step 2

Put in some compost to fill up the pot – not quite to the top (leave about the space of a 50p coin). The compost will give the radish seeds the nutrients they need to grow.

Step 3

Use one of your fingers to poke little holes in the soil about 5cm apart. They don’t need to be very deep – about 1cm.

Step 4

Place a seed in each hole.

Step 5

Now, take a handful of soil and sprinkle over the holes to cover them.

Step 6

Take your watering can and lightly water your seeds. Repeat the watering process 4 to 5 times a week. Be careful not to over or under-water your seeds.

Watch your radishes grow in record time! They should germinate within a week or two and you should be eating your first radish in about a month!

Enjoy your growing!

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