Webinar on breast cancer

This webinar for health professionals looks at breast cancer and diet, including how to reduce risk and address inequalities

MyNutriWeb logoVarious factors influence a person’s risk of developing breast cancer including age, lifestyle and family history. National screening programmes can detect breast cancer earlier, resulting in better outcomes. So why is there such a disparity in breast cancer awareness, diagnosis and survival among different communities in the UK?

This webinar for health professionals, in partnership with MyNutriWeb, looks at how to help people reduce their risk of breast cancer and raises awareness of the potential inequalities that exist in the UK. Please note that you will need to register to watch the video.

Content and learning objectives

Have a clear understanding of:

  • How diet, nutrition, body fatness and physical activity impact the risk of breast cancer.
  • The science underpinning the research on lifestyle and breast cancer.

Be aware of:

  • The inequalities in breast cancer awareness, diagnosis and survival.
  • The common myths and taboos about breast cancer.

Be able to:

  • Support patients and clients to reduce their risk of breast cancer.
  • Provide patients and clients with resources to help them reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Please note, webinars are not intended to be used by non-medically qualified individuals or as a substitute for, or basis for, any medical treatment.

Expert speakers

Rachel Clark
Health Promotion Manager, World Cancer Research Fund

Rachel is a registered public health nutritionist who specialises in health promotion. She works with health professionals to increase their awareness of the lifestyle-related risk factors for cancer and improve their confidence in supporting patients and clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Toral Shah
Nutritional Scientist (Nutr Med)

Toral is a nutritional scientist (Nutr Med), functional medicine practitioner, and health and science writer with her own consultancy, The Urban Kitchen. Toral is passionate about combating the lack of diversity in health and ensuring healthcare professionals and patients from BAME groups are equally represented within the healthcare system.

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