Workshops for health professionals

Are you a health professional interested in learning more about how lifestyle affects cancer risk, and sharing your knowledge with patients and clients?

At World Cancer Research Fund, we’re committed to providing ongoing support and learning opportunities to health professionals throughout the pandemic.

We’re launching a series of online workshops for health professionals that cover key cancer topics, including cancer myths, treatment, and how lifestyle factors affect cancer prevention and survival.

Sign up for online sessions below, or for more information email

We also run free online patient support groups for people living with cancer – please direct your patients and clients to these if appropriate.

Next workshop

Details of our next workshop will apeear here soon.

Previous topics

In December 2020, we held a workshop on alcohol and cancer.

> Watch this workshop

In November 2020, we held a workshop on vegan diets for cancer patients.

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In October 2020, we held a workshop on inequalities in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in the UK.

> Watch this workshop