Webinar on bowel cancer: red and processed meat

This webinar for health professionals looks at how red and processed meat increase the risk of bowel cancer

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This webinar aims to provide an understanding of the evidence on red and processed meat and bowel cancer. It will help viewers to explore and put World Cancer Research Fund’s advice into practice and answer frequently asked questions on meat and cancer risk.

This webinar covers:

  • What is red and processed meat?
  • How does red and processed meat increase the risk of bowel cancer? What is the evidence?
  • Fathoming recent headlines about red meat
  • WCRF’s recommendation on red and processed meat
  • How to put the recommendation into practice 
  • Frequently asked questions on red and processed meat 
  • Resources and further reading

Content and learning objectives

Have a clear understanding of:

  • The evidence base on red and processed meat and bowel cancer

Be aware of:

  • World Cancer Research Fund’s Recommendation on red and processed meat and how to put this into practice

Be able to:

  • Address the frequently asked questions around about red and processed meat and cancer risk
  • Find reliable information on red and processed meat and bowel cancer

Please note, webinars are not intended to be used by non-medically qualified individuals or as a substitute, or basis, for any medical treatment.

Expert speakers

Rachel Clark
Health Promotion Manager, World Cancer Research Fund

Rachel is a registered associate public health nutritionist who specialises in health promotion. She works with health professionals to increase their awareness of the lifestyle-related risk factors for cancer and improve their confidence in supporting patients and clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Daphne Katsikioti
Scientist and Nutritionist, World Cancer Research Fund

Daphne is a registered associate nutritionist with experience in public health nutrition. As a Senior Research Interpretation Officer at World Cancer Research Fund, she worked on the Continuous Update Project, which analyses the global research on how diet, nutrition and physical activity affect cancer risk and survival.

Tanya Haffner, MD RD Nutrilicious
Webinar host and moderator

This webinar will be CPD accredited by the British Dietetic Association and the Association for Nutrition.

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