Donate your shares

Graphic of two phones with investment related appsDonating shares is simple and one of the most tax-effective ways of supporting World Cancer Research Fund.

By donating your shares you will be helping us to continue our cancer prevention research and education programmes, so that fewer people will hear the words ‘you have cancer’.

If you are a UK Taxpayer:

  • You won’t have to pay capital gains tax on the shares you donate and you can claim income tax relief on any costs linked to your donation too.
  • If you are a higher rate (40 per cent) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 40 per cent of the value of the gift.
  • If you are the highest rate (45 per cent) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 45 per cent of the value of the gift.

To qualify for the tax relief, the shares or securities must be:

  • Listed, or traded, on a recognised UK or foreign stock exchange.
  • Units in authorised unit trusts.
  • Shares in a UK open-ended investment company.
  • Holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes.

Donating shares worth more than £500

For donations over £500, we can help make selling your shares as easy and secure as possible.

For more information, please contact us at Once we have your details, we will send a stock transfer form (form J30) for you to complete to assign the shares to World Cancer Research Fund.

Please note: World Cancer Research Fund cannot provide any legal or financial advice to our supporters, and we would always recommend that you seek independent advice before transferring any share holdings.

Alternatively, you can donate shares to ShareGift and mention World Cancer Research Fund.

Donating shares worth less than £500

If your share value is less than £500 you can donate your shares directly to ShareGift mentioning World Cancer Research Fund. You can find further information at, call them on 020 7930 3737 or email

About ShareGift

ShareGift is an independent UK registered charity (No. 1052686) which specialises in releasing the money locked up in small shareholdings, but which can accept donations of any size. ShareGift works by collecting together small lots of shares until there are enough to sell and then donating the resulting proceeds to a wide range of charities and charitable causes. To date ShareGift has donated over £45 million to more than 3,500 charities. ShareGift make their grants based upon research and suggestions from donors.

ShareGift has already made grants totalling £19,500 to World Cancer Research Fund.

Find out more

If you would like any further information on giving through shares, please contact

If you are unsure of your tax situation and would like more information, please contact the HM Revenue and Customs helpline on 0845 900 0444 or visit the HMRC website. Alternatively, we recommend you speak to your Accountant or Independent Financial Adviser.