Streaming to prevent cancer

You can help prevent cancer whilst you’re live streaming or gaming online, here’s how…

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> What is streaming?
> What you need to get started
> What could I do for a stream?
> Step-by-step guide to charity streaming
> Master Hellish’s festive charity stream

Fundraise on JustGiving

Fundraise on Tiltify

What is streaming?

Streaming involves broadcasting a video in real-time on the internet. From educational tutorials to weird and wonderful entertainment, you can livestream anything – from making a cake, hosting a class, doing a challenge or playing games on a console!

Streaming your talents and your interests gives you a new type of freedom for your fundraising. Your audiences could be on the other side of the world, watching you and able to join your fundraising event. They could be anyone, anywhere and have a huge potential to raise money to help prevent cancer.

What you need to get started

> Download your fundraising pack

> Download your overlays of the charity logo for your stream

What could I do for a stream?

  • Host a yoga class
  • Do a gaming marathon or challenge
  • Stream a cook-a-long from your kitchen
  • Host a music night
  • Teach a dance class
  • Shave your head
  • Host a virtual pub quiz or bingo game

Step-by-step guide to charity streaming

  1. Decide on your charity stream idea – get in touch if you need any help
  2. Makes sure you’ve got the equipment
  3. Who are you streaming to – friends and family? Or an audience beyond friends and family – maybe you could go worldwide?
  4. Which platform are you using for your stream? Facebook or Instagram could be a good option for streaming to friends and family and YouTube or a dedicated streaming platform like Twitch could be good for a bigger audience
  5. Make it easy to fundraise
  6. Plan your stream – what will be engaging for your audience? How can you involve them in the stream? Will you entertain or are your audience part of the stream?
  7. Prepare your stream – what do you want to talk about? Do you need information on what you are fundraising for? Download the fundraising pack and get your WCRF overlays for your stream
  8. Promote your stream! – tell your friends, family and followers
  9. TESTING 1 2 3 – Make sure to test your equipment and stream before you start to make sure it all works.
  10. Let the cameras roll – start your stream and have some fun!
  11. Set up a fundraising page on JustGiving or use a fundraising tool for your streaming platform like Tiltify
  12. Think about how you maximise your fundraising during the stream – maybe you could add a Spotify Fundraising Playlist where people can add a song for a donation? Add a donation button on Twitch or a QR code to your JustGiving page
  13. Use incentives for donation milestones – e.g. shaving your head when your fundraising reaches £250 or dye your hair blue! Check out Master Hellish’s tips below

Need more guidance? JustGiving have a great resource to help you stream for charity.

Master Hellish’s festive charity stream

Watch how an amazing fundraiser streamed for WCRF by playing OpenTTD and raised over £2,000!

How Master Hellish raised over £2,000 for WCRF!

Master HellishMy best tip for raising money is to give some sort of incentive or interaction for when a goal is reached. For example, if someone donates £X or the fundraising total reaches a certain amount you will do something special in the game or on the stream – I am sure my viewers pushed it that bit more just so they would make me spray my hair blue live on stream.

Streaming for charity? Let us know!

If you’re looking for other ways to support WCRF UK see how you can get involved.