Big Fruitea Party

Could you host a tea party with a healthy twist and raise money to prevent cancer?

Cake stands on a table outside with cakes ready for a tea party

Hold a Big Fruitea Party – yum!

Whether it’s for friends and family at home, a street party for you and your neighbours, or for colleagues at the office, a Big Fruitea Party will make a massive contribution to our work.

Order your FREE fundraising kit

Hosting an event couldn’t be easier and it’s the perfect chance to get together with friends. Email for your FREE party kit, which has everything you’ll need for a great day!

Your amazing party pack includes:

  • guide to hosting and recipe cards
  • donation form and collection box
  • invitations, poster and save the date cards
  • bunting, cake toppers, cake flags and price tags

To cover the cost of the party pack and raise as much money as possible for cancer prevention, we ask that you try to raise a minimum of £100 at your party.

How will my support help?

There are 2 million people living with cancer in the UK. This figure is predicted to rise to 4 million by 2030. That makes preventing cancer even more important and we know that around 40% of cancer cases are preventable.

The money you raise will help fund vital research into how we can prevent cancer through diet, weight and physical activity. It will also go towards our health information projects, so that health professionals and individuals can make informed choices about how to reduce everybody’s risk of developing cancer.

If you want to get in touch

MazI’m Maz, from the fundraising team. If you’ve got a question about an event and want to speak to me, please get in touch:

t: 07741 634347