Cancer Prevention Champions

Our Cancer Prevention Champions are health professionals or public health workers who are passionate about spreading our cancer prevention messages where it matters, locally

Our Champions also help to shape our current and future work so that we continually meet the needs of health professionals and public health workers across the UK.

Who can be a Cancer Prevention Champion?

Anyone who has a role that involves influencing the health behavior of the people they interact with can become a regional champion.

What will being a Cancer Prevention Champion involve?

As a Cancer Prevention Champion you will be acting as an ambassador for your local area, a link between us and your local network. You will:

  • Champion the importance of lifestyle changes in the prevention of cancer amongst your peers, as well as the people you support
  • Help us understand the best ways of disseminating such information and resources amongst practitioners in your network
  • Act as a voice for other health professionals or public health workers in your area, helping us shape our current and future work so that we continually meet their needs – giving us honest feedback about our activities and resources
  • Share examples of the cancer prevention work happening in your area, helping to promote the work and share good practice across the network

The role of a Cancer Prevention Champion is currently informal and flexible and can be shaped to fit around your current work commitments. However, we are exploring new ways of developing our Champions programme and always welcome emails of interest from practitioners.

Our Champions

Marion Foreman is an accredited Personal Trainer, Health Advisor and Qualified Weight Management Counsellor with 40 years nursing experience. 

"As a Cancer Prevention Champion I am able to share my expertise with World Cancer Research Fund so that more people can reduce their risk of cancer.”

Justine works for Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust coordinating the iVan, a mobile cancer information and awareness service. 

"Cancer prevention is a big part of my role so I became a Cancer Prevention Champion. As a Champion I was involved in the development of World Cancer Research Fund’s online cancer prevention training and their free cancer prevention package for health professionals. I am so pleased that I can use my experience to support the charity in this way. ”

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