A new report by the House of Lords Select Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment examines how to make healthy, sustainable diets accessible and affordable for everyone.1

National Food Strategy aim

Some of the key recommendations that the committee wants the government to implement are:

  • Start to measure how many people live with food insecurity, and analyse why.
  • Understand the cost of healthy diets and incorporate this into benefits calculations.
  • Ensure that food initiatives for disadvantaged children, such as Healthy Start and free school meals are properly funded, implemented and monitored.
  • Establish an independent body to oversee the implementation of a National Food Strategy and report annually to parliament on progress.

Dr Kate Allen, Executive Director of Science & Public Affairs at World Cancer Research Fund, said: 

“It is more important than ever that healthy diets are affordable and accessible to all. Now is the time for the government to be ambitious and progressive, more closely regulate the food industry, and introduce evidence-based policies that make our daily environments healthier.”


1Parliament UK. Select Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment. Hungry for change: fixing the failures in food. 2020.