Thank you to everyone who completed our survey for health professionals in 2020. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and really helps us to shape our future work.

From the survey we found out that most of our members work with adults (90%), but a large proportion of you also work with people living with cancer (60–70%), and young people (40%).

The three topics you are most interested in hearing about are diet and cancer, behaviour change, and the latest cancer prevention research.

Your ideas

Resources you would be interested in seeing us develop include:

  • concise factsheets to hand out to patients
  • information on diet and specific cancers eg eating well with oesophageal cancer
  • resources in different languages
  • visual resources
  • resources for different ethnic groups
  • more online learning opportunities
  • easy, budget-friendly recipes for families
  • resources for people who have completed cancer treatment
  • YouTube videos and tutorials to signpost patients and clients to

You also told us you would like to see webinars on behaviour change, weight management and eating well with cancer.

“I think the work you carry out is invaluable in reviewing the facts and evidence surrounding our understanding of cancer, treatment, and how best to survive it. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.”

Thanks again for your feedback and comments, which we plan to build into our work this year. If you would like to give us any further feedback or suggestions, you can email us at