Glenn's log: Sunday 2 June 2019

Day 31

Cold wet and very windy. Patrick and Charlotte (his niece who has just him on this leg of the cycle) left at 9.45 just to return 20 mins later. Patrick has now had his second puncturethe rear tyre again. This time the roads were like a UK motorway with no bike tracks along the side, and with a large amount of traffic on them, which mostly consists of large lorries. There is basically one road to choose fromthe A114. Your view of the road just continues into the never-ending distance, far into the horizon with lots of turnings going off left or right, but when you look at them they only continue for about 20m and then change into a dirt road, which the Russians still have to.

It feels strange because I have always been used to tarmacked roads, and now, I realise how lucky I have been to have grown up with this.

Last night we all stayed at a hotel in a town called Tikhvin. We all stayed there at a cost of only £60.00, which included breakfast. Once again it was a very nice and clean hotel. As normal, our evening meal was prepared by Patrick in our motorhome and as usual it was very nice.

Our motorhome has now been christened DORA. Another thing that has become apparent to me is how I took water for granted you turn the tap on and out comes clean, lovely water that you can just drink!! Well what did I expect? But where do you find enough clean drinking water in Russia to fill DORA’S water tankshe has an 85 litre capacity. Well, like everybody else over here you buy it from a supermarket or petrol station, in large plastic bottles, so this is what I will have to do..!

It was a very hard day for Patrick and Charlotte but they did it, and did it very well.

DORA is all running well, so now I’m off to bed.