Glenn's log: Saturday 8 June 2019

Day 37

Very hot. Very sunny no wind.

We all set off early to try and make up for lost time. Patrick will not be cycling today. We are repositioning ourselves because the roads just turn into dirt tracks with massive potholes. There is just no way we can carry on with no idea about the road conditions around us. All we could think of is to go all the way back to E115, drop down to Jaoslavl and pick up the M8 to Kostrom. This looked like it was a road that we could use to continue our trip, and then use the rest of the day shopping.

We all went from shop to shop trying to find a map.

Alex went off into the town and found a book shop.

Yessss!!! he came back with a road book with all the latest updates―a 2019 edition―what a result!

Once we had the map it showed that everyone else had it wrong i.e. Garmin, Google, our road book, and even the Russian map from Stanfords 2018. There was no date on this map, or how old it was―we only bought it one month before we left. Now we have a plan, but it took 8 days of searching everywhere to find one. Well done Alex―we wouldn’t have done it without him.

Once again Charlotte, Patrick and Alex had a nice hotel and I slept in the van.

Although it took a whole day to find a map, it is such a relief. We are now more confident planning our route though Russia roads, that both Patrick and myself, feel confident will not destroy our modes of transport.