Glenn's log: Saturday 1 June 2019

Day 30

Bright and sunny day. Very cold.

Arrived on the ferry Princess Anastasia from Helsinki to St Petersburg at 9am. It is a very large ship but there was only 1 motorhome, 4 cars, and 2 coaches and so when we got to the Russian customs we were 2nd in line but it took 2hrs 15 mins to get through!

I had to fill in 3 forms explaining all about the motorhome, and where we are going to stay. Patrick had a telephone interview booked with BBC Radio Surrey. They rang several times but we thought it was best not to answer the call as the customs men might have thought we were complaining. In the end David Rose did the interview. The customs men spoke very little English and me no Russian, but things went well.

Once through we had to find Alex our bodyguard, a nice young man, then pick up Charlotte from her hotel.

She had a bent wheel which happened on the plane coming over but this has now been sorted.

Russian driving is fast, in any lane, and they don’t worry what is coming the other way. My first thoughts on the condition of their roads was it was like being at home in Surrey, and driving around potholes.

With everybody on board we drove around and around trying to find somewhere safe to camp for the nightvery hard, but we found a very nice hotel. Charlotte and Patrick stayed in the hotel whilst Alex and Glenn stayed in the van for security reasons. It was comfortable.

We all went off and had a very nice pizza.