Stuffed mushroom cat faces

Mushrooms are a great source of nutrients for children
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Recipe by: Mixer | Eat Move Learn cook

Mushrooms are actually a type of fungus, but they still count as one of your 5 A DAY. Making this side dish look like a cat is great fun in the kitchen to get the whole family involved.

This recipe is from our Eat Move Learn programme helping kids to eat healthily and stay active. You can see all of our recipes suitable for young cooks here.

Suitable for young cooks



  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 5 spring onions, finely diced
  • 4 large flat mushrooms, stalks taken off and stalks finely chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled and finely diced
  • 1 slice wholemeal bread, grated or blended in a food processor
  • Handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • 3 teaspoons parmesan cheese, grated
  • 2 large tomatoes, sliced in to round pieces
  • 2 carrots, cut in half lengthways
  • 6 black olives, cut in half
50 minutes

Nutrition information (per serving)

5 A DAY:
  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C /Fan 180°C.
  2. For the topping, heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat.
  3. Gently fry the spring onions and the chopped mushroom stalks for 3 minutes.
  4. Add the garlic and fry for 1 more minute.
  5. Stir in the grated wholemeal bread, parsley and parmesan.
  6. Lay the mushrooms facing up on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
  7. Place the slices of tomato on top of the mushrooms.
  8. Spoon the mushroom stalk mixture that you’ve cooked on top of the tomatoes and press down lightly.
  9. To make the mushrooms look like cats, cut off the pointy part of the carrots to look like ears. Cut the rest of the carrots in to sticks for whiskers. Use the olives for eyes and a nose.
  10. Lay a piece of foil loosely over the top of the mushrooms on the tray. This is to stop them from burning in the oven.
  11. Cook the stuffed mushrooms in the oven for 25–30 minutes, until the mushrooms are tender but not too soft.
Serve with a starchy carbohydrate, such as boiled new potatoes or a slice of wholemeal bread