Sarah Drabble

Healthy You Editor at World Cancer Research Fund
Sarah James with her mum in the kitchen

Iā€™m a qualified nutritionist and sports nutritionist, with a love of food (both eating it and what it does to and for our bodies).

I have worked for World Cancer Research Fund since 2012, and one the best parts of my job is creating recipes for our cookbooks, supporter magazine and website, that help people to eat tasty food that can also help to reduce their cancer risk.

I like to cook simple dishes, but I love experimenting with flavours ā€“ a lot of my recipes stemmed from me sticking the ingredients I had (usually what was on offer in the local grocery store) in a pot and seeing if it worked.

I hope you enjoy my recipes.

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"By using store cupboard staples and experimenting with spicy flavours, I want to show how easy it is to make healthy eating exciting. I particularly enjoy cooking with fish, and I love the flavours of Thailand and Morocco. If I could use cinnamon and chickpeas in all my recipes, I probably would!"

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