Miso and tahini chicken with chermoula ratatouille

Packed with all the veg you need
To lower the fat and calorie content, use skinless chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs.
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Recipe by: Ryan Riley | Chef

If you love your veggies, this dish contains 6 of your 5 A DAY! Not only this, but its blend of ingredients work wonderfully together to create an unforgettable homecooked experience.  

This is from Ryan Riley’s booklet of recipes to help people living with cancer enjoy food again. See all our recipes for people living with cancer.

Recipe for people living with cancer



  • 1 tablespoon tahini
  • 1 tablespoon white miso
  • 4 chicken thighs, skinless and boneless
  • 2 red peppers, deseeded and sliced
  • 2 courgettes, sliced
  • 2 red onions, peeled and quartered
  • 4 large tomatoes, quartered
  • 2 aubergines, sliced
  • 4 whole cloves of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon chermoula paste
  • 1 tablespoon rapeseed oil
  • For the dressing:
  • 1 tablespoon tahini
  • 3 tablespoons warm water
  • 1 lime, zest and juice
  • 1 lemon, zest and juice
  • Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
40 minutes

Nutrition information (per serving)

5 A DAY:

Note: Miso is a paste made from fermented soybeans used in Asian cuisine. Chermoula is a North African marinade

  1. Preheat the oven to 220ºC / Fan 200ºC.
  2. Mix together the tahini and white miso and spread the mixture evenly over the chicken thighs. Add the red pepper, courgette, onion, tomato, aubergine and whole garlic to a baking tray.
  3. Combine the chermoula and oil in a small bowl and pour over the vegetables. Toss until evenly coated. Put the chicken on top of the vegetables and bake for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, reduce the oven temperature to 180°C and cook for a further 10 minutes, until the vegetables are caramelised and the chicken is cooked through.
  4. Meanwhile, make the dressing. Put the tahini in a small bowl and add the water to loosen. Add the lemon and lime zest and juice, season to taste, and stir to combine.
  5. Remove the vegetables and chicken from the oven, checking that the chicken juices run clear. Transfer the vegetables to a serving plate and place the chicken thighs on top. Drizzle over the dressing.
To lower the fat and calorie content, use skinless chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs.