Charlie Farrant

Student Dietitian and Running Blogger
Nutritionist Charlie Farrant at home in her kitchen

Recipe author Charlie FarrantMy goal is to champion the journey to a healthy, more active life where honest fitness and food makes wellbeing more accessible to all – without losing sight of the real lives we lead.

I try to make healthy eating simple, approachable, realistic and without missing out on any of the good things in life. My philosophy is to eat real food. I try to encourage plenty of fruits and veg, wholegrains and lean proteins to make up a balanced diet, with a slice of cake every now and again! 

I started teaching myself about healthy eating and cooking whilst training for my first marathon. I knew I needed to fuel my body correctly to get through the 26.2 miles (and all the training mileage). I experimented with traditional classic recipes to make healthier versions and was surprised with the outcomes. I feel better, sleep deeper and have more energy when I eat well. And I've knocked an hour off my marathon time! 

After spending 4 years at Good Housekeeping as Deputy Cookery Editor, I went back to university to study to become a Dietitian.

"I want to improve people's nutritional education and help them make informed food choices."

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