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Lifestyle statistics

These statistics relate to key lifestyle factors affecting cancer risk in the UK today.

Remember that not smoking is the most important thing you can do to lower your cancer risk.

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Body fatness

The biggest risk factor for cancer after smoking. How many people in the UK are overweight?

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Physical activity

Protects against a range of cancers. How many people in the UK are regularly physically active?

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High calorie foods and sugary drinks

Both contributors to weight gain. How many high calorie foods and sugary drinks do we have?

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5 A DAY and other plant foods

Plant foods protect. How many portions of vegetables and fruits do we eat, and how much fibre?

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Red and processed meat

Increases the risk of cancer. How much red and processed meat do we eat?

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Increases the risk of six common cancers. How much alcohol do we drink?

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How much salt do we eat in the UK?

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Dietary supplements

How many people in the UK take dietary supplements?

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Protects mother and child. How many women in the UK breastfeed?

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Cancer survivors

How many people in the UK have survived cancer?