Swansea cancer survivor to compete in London Marathon dressed as a giant tomato

18 March 2015

A Swansea woman is running the London Marathon after spending eight years battling cervical cancer.

Emma Clement-Wriede, 36, was told that she only had 18 months to live but, after several years of treatment, she had her last operation to remove her cancer just two weeks before her wedding to husband Bruce in 2013.

The former special-needs teacher will run the iconic route in April to raise funds for World Cancer Research Fund, after overcoming the disease.

The former Gowerton Comprehensive School pupil will be cheered on by her faithful supporters, Gower Golf Club, who’ve clubbed together to raise hundreds of pounds for her.

The golfers at her parents’, Les and Sue Clement, local club have raised funds through dances, raffles, balls, and traditional Welsh teas filled with Bara Brith and bowls of cawl.

Emma, who is currently based in Kuwait, said: ‘Cancer was not easy, but I fought for my life, and won.

‘I had to get on with my life, so I carried on working – I couldn’t give up on my life.

‘I’m a firm believer that these challenges can be overcome, and there’s nothing you can’t face if you have the right, determined, attitude. I like to fight the odds.’

Emma says that even though she was recovering from surgery when she had her wedding ceremony in Thailand, she still enjoyed her big day.

She said: ‘I was exhausted and I couldn’t swim, but I was surrounded by friends and family and I really enjoyed it. They had removed all of the cancerous tumours, and I was able to recuperate with the people I loved on a really happy occasion.’

Emma said that participating in the 26-mile route was going to be a challenge, but one she was relishing taking part in.

She said: ‘I’m not going to be able to run it, so I’ve decided to walk it dressed as a giant tomato. I’ll look ridiculous, but I hope it raises attention for World Cancer Research Fund, and makes people laugh.

‘I know that leading a healthy lifestyle can help reduce your risk of developing cancer, so I thought taking part in the marathon was a great way to raise money for a cancer prevention charity and change my lifestyle to a healthy one.’

Paul Fretwell, Head of World Cancer Research Fund, said: ‘We are so proud of Emma for not only overcoming cancer, but raising money so that we can help prevent this disease. We’re grateful that she’s helping to raise vital funds into our cancer prevention research, and we’ll be cheering her on every step of the way.’

Scientists say about a third of common cancers could be prevented if people were to maintain a healthy body weight, eat a healthy diet and be physically active.

To support Emma and World Cancer Research Fund, visit her fundraising page. Get more information on cancer prevention, sign up for one of World Cancer Research Fund’s fundraising events, or call 0207 343 4200 if you'd like to speak to one of the WCRF UK team.