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cooking equipment and definitions children's poster

Cooking Equipment and Definitions

This Great Grub Club poster, designed for children aged 4–11, explains different kitchen utensils and equipment.


cooking in season children's poster

Cooking in Season

This children's poster from the Great Grub Club shows which vegetables and fruits are in season at different times of the year.


kitchen healthy and safety poster for children

Kitchen Health and Safety

This Great Grub Club poster teaches children about health and safety in the kitchen so that they can safely enjoy healthy cooking.


move more poster

Move More

This poster shows examples of activities that you can do to keep physically active and how many calories the average adult burns in 30 minutes.


portion distortion poster

Portion Distortion

This poster shows how the portion size of many foods in the UK has increased since 1993, and the impact this could have on your body.


reduce your risk of cancer poster

Reduce Your Cancer Risk

This colourful poster outlines our 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations to help you reduce your risk of getting cancer.


what counts as a 5 a day portion poster

What is a 5 A DAY Portion?

This poster shows how much you need to eat for one of your 5 A DAY portions from a range of vegetables and fruits, as well as pulses and juice.


healthy portion size poster

What is a Healthy Portion Size?

This poster shows healthy portion sizes for everyday foods for an average adult to help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of cancer.


Christmas calories poster

Christmas Calories

Our festive poster features Christmas food swaps that will help you save calories, and how much exercise you need to do to burn off a mince pie.


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