Cooking with children

The Great Grub Club teaches children about healthy eating and being active in a fun way

You can buy printed copies of these items as well as lots of Great Grub Club gifts and goodies for children from our eShop. Every purchase helps to support our cancer prevention work.

cooking is fun

Cooking is Fun! Cookery Club Guidebook

A 36-page guide to starting a cookery club for children aged 4-11. Contains recipes, teaching ideas and information and advice on healthy eating.


cooking equipment and definitions children's poster

Cooking Equipment and Definitions

This Great Grub Club poster, designed for children between the ages 4 to 11, shows and explains different kitchen utensils and equipment.


cooking in season children's poster

Cooking in Season

This children's poster from the Great Grub Club shows which vegetables and fruit are in season at different times of the year.


kitchen healthy and safety poster for children

Kitchen Health and Safety

This Great Grub Club poster teaches children about health and safety in the kitchen so that they can safely enjoy healthy cooking.


let's cook cookbook for children

Let's Cook! Children's Cookbook

Our cookbook from the Great Grub Club contains lots of healthy, tasty recipes. What better way to introduce children to healthy eating than to cook together?


cooking is fun

Cooking is Fun! Cookery Club Toolkit

This toolkit contains a guidebook, 3 posters – available to download above - and a set of measuring spoons. Perfect for starting a cookery club.